Application Extension Platform 1.x -- Accessing the Guest Operating System

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Note Refer to the product documentation provided by your third-party vendor for application-specific access to the guest operating system that may apply to your product.

Obtaining Console Access

For console access, perform the following steps:

Enter application service mode

app-service application-name

Execute /bin/console

Prerequisite: Obtain console access using the postinstall script.
Refer to Application_Extension_Platform_1.x_--_Enabling_the_Linux_Shell_in_a_Virtual_Instance

connect console

On initiating the command, /bin/console executes and allows third-party application commands to be used in the console shell. These commands allow a third-party application to cross connect to a CLI shell using its own binary console file or script. If the application does not provide a console file, the following message appears: Error Message Unable to start console

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