Agent automatically put into Ready state

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(Agent automatically put into Ready state)
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Agent automatically put into Ready state

Problem Summary In the Select Resource Step, if the RNA timeout in the script is longer than 1 minute, the associated agent is automatically put into Ready state and cannot answer further calls through CAD.
Error Message None.
Possible Cause When agents get an inbound ICD call, they are put in Reserved state and RNA timeout controls when the call has to be pulled back to the queue owing to no answer from the agent. Once RNA is hit, the corresponding agent is put to Not Ready.
Recommended Action

If the RNA timeout value is more than 1 minute, increase the following registry value for Reserved threshold to the same value as the RNA timeout:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco systems, Inc.\CRS\Properties\\

Release Release 7.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None.

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