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Scenario A Setup

Log all agents out

Administration Console

  1. Remove licenses from standalone agent
  2. Remove roles from standalone agent


  1. Disable Person login for integrated agent

For StandaloneAgent steps, use "bob". For Integrated Agent steps, use "goofy"

Problem Statement

Agents are unable to login to EIM/WIM, receiving a variety of errors depending on the user used.

Isolation: Is the user a Standalone or Integrated user?

This can be verified from two places:
1. Log in to default partition as pa > Administration Console > Departments > (Department_Name) > User > Users. See the "Unified CCE User" column. Integrated users have "Yes" here; Standalone have "No".


2. Query the eGActiveDB with the following. Integrated agents will have a value other than NULL for SKILL_TARGET_ID. Standalone agents will show NULL.

select * from egicm_user RIGHT OUTER JOIN egpl_user on egpl_user.user_id = egicm_user.user_id


The Application Server logs will also show which routing client is being used when an agent logs in to EIM/WIM. "null" means Standalone, "EAAS" means Integrated.

2011-05-10 11:55:37.474 GMT-0400 <@> INFO <@> [75837:ajp-43app.ucce75%2F10.77.30.31-15008-1] <@> ProcessId:3780 <@> PID:1 <@> UID:1000 <@> HttpSessionId:  <@> LiveHooks <@> getRoutingEngineTypeForSession <@> routing type for userId:1000 routing type:null <@> 
2011-05-10 11:56:21.881 GMT-0400 <@> INFO <@> [75837:1$1000#ajp-43app.ucce75%2F10.77.30.31-15008-1] <@> ProcessId:3780 <@> PID:1 <@> UID:1002 <@> HttpSessionId:  <@> LiveHooks <@> getRoutingEngineTypeForSession <@> routing type for userId:1002 routing type:EAAS <@> 

Standalone AND Integrated User Login issues

These types of errors can be seen by both Standalone AND Integrated users.

Log in to the default partition as StandaloneAgent

You should receive an error:


Since this is a standalone user we know that Listener and CTI Server are not used. Let's first find the eGAgentID of this standalone user from the eGActiveDB database.

select * from egpl_user where "USER_NAME" = 'StandaloneAgent'

Look in the Application Server logs. CTRL-F for the user_id found above in Isolation.

2011-05-09 14:37:34.742 GMT-0400 <@> INFO <@> [277:ajp-43app.ucce75%2F10.77.30.31-15006-1] <@> ProcessId:2384 <@> PID:1 <@> UID:1000 <@> HttpSessionId:3E84A6031619F27B0A6B13BBF33BA04C <@> com.egain.platform.framework.dataaccess.DataAccess <@> executesSelectStoredProc() <@> Error executing stored procedure Code = 50000.0000 Msg = Stmt: 10 ===> 50000::-300: egpl_lic_consume_cncrnt_usr: The license 'eGain CIH Platform' is not assigned to user 1000 <@> 
2011-05-09 14:37:34.742 GMT-0400 <@> ERROR <@> [277:ajp-43app.ucce75%2F10.77.30.31-15006-1] <@> ProcessId:2384 <@> PID:1 <@> UID:1000 <@> HttpSessionId:3E84A6031619F27B0A6B13BBF33BA04C <@> LicenseDBQueries.class <@> consumeConcurrentUserLicenses(CallerContext, long, List<Integer>, String, String) <@> I18N_EGPL_LICENSE-CIH_NOT_ASSIGNED_TO_USER, userId 1000 <@> 

Note the last line: "I18N_EGPL_LICENSE-CIH_NOT_ASSIGNED_TO_USER, userId 1000". This signifies that userID 1000 does not have the necessary license(s) for Agent Console login.


To provide the necessary licenses to the user:

  1. Log in to default partition as pa > Administration Console > Departments > (Department_Name) > User > Users
  2. Select StandaloneAgent > Relationships tab > Licenses
  3. Ctrl-Click CIH Platform - Advanced, Unified EIM, and Unified WIM. Click the single (top) arrow to move Licenses over to the "Selected Licenses" bucket.
  4. Click save and attempt to log in again.

Log in to the default partition as StandaloneAgent


Not quite there yet. If there was a recent change made in the Administration Console to the agent's roles, you would see in the Application Server logs:

2011-05-10 12:32:36.499 GMT-0400 <@> INFO <@> [277:ajp-43app.ucce75%2F10.77.30.31-15006-1] <@> ProcessId:3780 <@> PID:1 <@> UID:1 <@> HttpSessionId:3BA6236ECA432A29F2B3FB6C192C439C <@> <@> validateUserRoles <@>  Assigned Roles Status: isUserDepartmentAdmin- false isUserSupervisor- false isUserAgent- false for UserID: 1002 <@> 

But if the change was made prior to what the available logs cover, you will not see anything else. At this point, the next step is to log in to the UI as a partition administrator to confirm the roles assigned (or not assigned) to the agent.


Integrated User Login issues

Integrated users are also unable to log in.


Since this is UCCE integration, check the Listener logs first. In this scenario, you find nothing useful. What about the Application Server logs?

  • Agent Disabled:
2011-05-10 18:05:03.545 GMT-0400 <@> ERROR <@> [78077:ajp-43app.ucce75%2F10.77.30.31-15006-3] <@> ProcessId:3780 <@> PID:1 <@> UID:-1 <@> HttpSessionId:3BA6236ECA432A29F2B3FB6C192C439C <@> <@> agentAuthentication() <@> EGICM_ERROR-AGENT_LOGIN_DISABLED  Property = mSalutation  & value = null
  • From the UCCE Agent Explorer, we can confirm that this agent/person is disabled:


  • We would see a very similar error in the Application Server logs if the agent was deleted in UCCE.
2011-05-10 18:15:27.342 GMT-0400 <@> ERROR <@> [78077:ajp-43app.ucce75%2F10.77.30.31-15006-3] <@> ProcessId:3780 <@> PID:1 <@> UID:-1 <@> HttpSessionId:3BA6236ECA432A29F2B3FB6C192C439C <@> <@> agentAuthentication() <@> EGICM_ERROR-AGENT_MARKED_DELETED  Property = mSalutation  & value = null

How does it know?

EIM/WIM has a read-only connection to the AWDB. While the change of deleting or setting an agent inactive will not be reflected in the user on EIM/WIM's administration menus, they will be unable to log in.

Scenario B Setup

System Console

  1. Stop Listener process


  1. Remove all multimedia skill groups from integrated agent "goofy"

ICM Login Timed Out?

Try to log in as an Integrated Agent. You should be greeted by a pop-up error.


Do you see any recent activity in the Listener logs? What about the Application Server logs? In this case, nothing useful.

Use the listprocessids.JSP to make sure all processes are running.


Notice that the JSP says that the Listener is running as process ID 5412, but no java or javaw exists with that PID. You can confirm the Listener link being down with the ICMIntegratedConnections JSP.


The listprocessids.JSP, while very useful, does not always reflect the current process state - just that it has started and once had a particular PID.

Log in to partition 0 as the sa user and observe that the Listener process is stopped. Start it. Your Listener instance may also be in an "Error" state. Start it once the process has started.


But login still fails.


Listener Link active but Login still fails

Take a look at the Listener logs for your agent's username. You should see an error about NO_PARENT_GROUP after the Login agent request.

2011-06-13 18:11:10.004 GMT-0400 <@> INFO <@> [13126:RMI TCP Connection(516)-] <@> ProcessId:4208 <@> PID:1 <@> UID:1022 <@> HttpSessionId:228A6A7CC9925BEBD4F1077D3C0DC923 <@> <@> loginAgent <@> Login agent request--- . Details:  user_id = 1002 : Type = java.lang.String
user_name = JDoe : Type = java.lang.String
cmb_password = {enc:2}Y2lzY28= : Type = java.lang.String
department_id = 999 : Type = java.lang.Long
app_server_id = : Type = java.lang.String
terminal_id = null : Type = java.lang.String
fetch_from_database = true : Type = java.lang.Boolean
peripheral_id = 5000 : Type = java.lang.String
peripheral_number = 20 : Type = java.lang.String
2011-06-13 18:11:10.004 GMT-0400 <@> INFO <@> [13126:RMI TCP Connection(516)-] <@> ProcessId:4208 <@> PID:1 <@> UID:1002 <@> HttpSessionId:228A6A7CC9925BEBD4F1077D3C0DC923 <@> com.egain.platform.groups.Groups <@> getParentGroupsForGroup() <@> I18N_EGPL_GROUPS-NO_PARENT_GROUP  998 user  <@> 

Check the Skill Group memberships!

Since this is an IPTA agent, check the user's skill group memberships in UCCE Configuration Manager.


If an agent is not a member of any EIM/WIM skill groups, they will not be allowed to log in to the agent console.


This scenario covered various reasons why an agent, integrated or standalone, would be unable to log in.

  • Missing Licenses
  • Missing Roles
  • Disabled accounts
  • Deleted accounts
  • Listener not running
  • Missing EIM/WIM skill group membership

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