Administration: Search and Play application users encounter security warning before each playback

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Search and Play application users encounter security warning before each playback

Problem Summary Users are presented with a pop-up warning every time the Search and Play Java application is executed (whenever they attempt to play a recording).
Error Message Users see a pop-up similar to this one

Java security warning.png

Possible Cause The MediaSense media player is a downloadable Java application. Since it does not actually run as part of the browser executable, it is subject to the security requirements of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed on the user’s computer (rather than those of the browser). Any security warnings that the browser user has acknowledged and accepted need to be acknowledged and accepted again with respect to the JVM.

Due to recent security enhancements in Java, users must accept a pop-up warning every time the Java application is executed.

Recommended Action Follow this procedure on each client desktop where the Search and Play application is executed.

1. Download the MediaSense Site Certificate. Enter the hostname or IP address of your MediaSense primary node into your browser’s address bar and click Cisco MediaSense.
Cisco mediasense.png
You may be asked to accept a security warning.

2. Go to the upper right corner of the screen and select Cisco Unified OS Administration and click Go.
Unified os admin.png

3. On the OS Administration page, select Security -> Certificate Management.
Security certif.png

4. Click Find.


5. Click on the tomcat.pem link.


6. Click the Download button and save the file to a location on your disk. (You can also copy this tomcat.pem file to a USB key or a network share and use it when you complete the remainder of this process for each desktop client.)

7. Import the site certificate into Java by finding and opening the Java control panel on your client system.

Java panel.png

8. On the Security tab, click Manage Certificates.

Manage certifs.png

9. For Certificate Type, select Secure Site.

Certif type.png

10. Click Import and find the tomcat .pem file that you downloaded previously. Select it and click Open.


You see your MediaSense node hostname in the list.

Certif added.png

Click Close.

11. Return to the MediaSense landing page and select Cisco MediaSense Search and Play. Sign in using your API user credentials.

12. Find a recording and click the Play button.

13. If you see this pop-up


Check the box indicated and click Run.

If you see this pop-up


Click Run with the latest version.

14. Close and re-open the media player, and then play the video again with no security warnings.

Release All releases.
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