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Failure to Save Secondary Finesse Server Host Value

Problem Summary When you save the host or IP address of the secondary Finesse server using the Finesse Administration Console, you see an error indicating that the operation failed.
Error Message You may see the following error message: "An error occurred. Contact your administrator."
Possible Cause This problem can occur if the value of the secondary Finesse server host is the same as the value of the primary Finesse server host or if there is a problem between the Finesse server and the Finesse database.
Recommended Action

Before you save the secondary Finesse server host value, make sure that the value is different than the value of the primary Finesse server. If the host values are different, use the CLI command utils service list to check the status of the service "A Cisco DB".

  1. If the status of A Cisco DB is STOPPED, use the command utils service start A Cisco DB to start it.
  2. If the status is STARTING, wait for the service to reach a status of STARTED.
  3. If the status is STARTED, try to submit the host value for the secondary Finesse server again.
  4. If the A Cisco DB service does not reach STARTED, or if the status is STARTED and you continue to receive an error when you try to submit the secondary Finesse server information, restart the Finesse server. If restarting the server does not solve the problem, contact Cisco Technical Support.
Release Release 8.5(3), Release 9.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None.

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