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Administration page does not load after a fresh installation

Problem Summary The administration sign-in page does not load after a fresh installation.
Error Message An error occurred that prevented admin sign-in page from loading.
Possible Cause
  • The URL for the admin sign-in page uses HTTPS.
  • Browser cache or cookies are not cleared from a prior installation.
  • The admin Finesse Layout XML might be corrupt, or the Administration Console did not start up correctly.
Recommended Action

Verify that the URL used to load the admin sign-in page is http://hostname or IP address/cfadmin and not https://hostname or IP address/cfadmin.

If the URL is correct, clear your browser cache (delete browsing history and cookies). If the problem persists, restart Cisco Tomcat for the platform, or reboot the machine.

Release Release 8.5(3)
Associated CDETS # None.

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