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The VXML Server administrative batch files provide control over the voice applications deployed to the VXML server and provide status information about the deployed applications. To access, read, and clear the VXML Server log files:

  1. Open a file browser within the CVP all-in-one-box server.
  2. Browse to the location of the application you wish to examine, as follows

The following table describes each batch file.

Batch File Name

Batch File Use


Deploy your custom application to the VXML server.

Note: Be sure to use deployApp.bat not


Suspends the application then, after all calls are handled, removes it from the server's memory.


Restarts a suspended application.


Plays "application suspended" message for new calls; continues to handle older, active calls.


Updates a deployed application with changes made to it in Call Studio, then redeploys the application.


Provides running and current call handling status for the application, as follows:
  • Running status
  • Active callers requesting this application
  • Number of sessions waiting to end

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