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 MediaSense application sign-in fails with administration credentials

Problem Summary When using administration credentials to access the MediaSense APIs, the sign-in fails.
Error Message Your login credentials (username or password ) are invalid
Possible Cause The user attempts an application sign-in using administration credentials.
Recommended Action

MediaSense application sign-in requires a separate API User with credentials that are different from the Administration Credentials. An API user can be specified using the MediaSense Administration interface (API users can be imported from the list of Unified CM users). 

In Unified CM you should choose (or configure) one or more end users that will be used as MediaSense API users. After you do this, use the following steps to specify the Unified CM end users as API users in MediaSense:

  1. Sign in to Cisco MediaSense administration by pointing your browser tohttp://servername/oraadmin, where servername is the IP address of the MediaSense server
  2. Choose Administration > MediaSense User Configuration
  3. Click Manage MediaSense Users, to display the Unified CM Users list and the MediaSense API Users list
  4. Select and import the Unified CM users that you want to specify as API users
Release Release 8.5(1), 8.5(2), 8.5(3), 8.5(4), 9.0(1).
Associated CDETS # None

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