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API request returns Error 405: Method not supported. 

Problem Summary

An API request returns a Redirect 302 message. When the request is re-issued, it returns Error 405: Method not supported. This pattern occurs when the request is issued to Port 8443 and MediaSense Release 9.0(1) cannot redirect the request to Port 8440.

In Release 9.0(1), the port for API requests changed to Port 8440. MediaSense used Port 8443 in previous releases. Release 9.0(1) features an automatic redirect so that older clients can issue API requests to Port 8443 and be prompted by a Redirect 302 message to re-issue these requests to Port 8440.

The RFC-specified response to a Redirect 302 message states that the client should re-issue its API request with the same method. However, many older clients do not conform to this RFC specification. These non-conforming clients change the method before they re-issue the API request. When a client changes the method before it re-issues API the request, the client receives an Error 405: Method Not Supported.

Newer clients that conform to the RFC specification re-issue the API request with the same method. These requests with the same method do not return Error 405.

Error Message Error 405: Method not supported.
Possible Cause

Clients issue an API request and receive Redirect 302. They change the method of the API request before re-issuing it and receive Error 405. 

Recommended Action

Update your client so that it issues its API requests to Port 8440 instead of Port 8443. Or, update your client to respond to Redirect 302 by re-issuing the API request with the same method.

If you are trying to simulate the API request using a browser tool such as Poster for Firefox, then issue your request to Port 8440 instead of Port 8443.

Release 9.0(1) 
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