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How to make user login straight to enable mode on IOS device

IOS Configuration

To enable TACACS+ based authentication and authorization, enter these commands on any IOS device. The TACACS+ key should match the key configured for the device on the ACS server.

Router(config)# aaa new-model
Router(config)# username [username] privilege 15 secret [password]
Router(config)# tacacs-server host [ACS IP]
Router(config)# tacacs-server key [key]
Router(config)# aaa authentication login default group tacacs+ local
Router(config)# aaa authorization exec default group tacacs+ if-authenticated

This also configures a local account for access if the ACS server is not available.

ACS Configuration

To bring users or groups in at privilege level 15:

  1. Go to user or group setup in ACS
  2. Drop down to "TACACS+ Settings"
  3. Place a check in "Shell (Exec)"
  4. Place a check in "Privilege level" and enter "15" in the adjacent field

Now login to the IOS device, and you will fall straight to enable mode

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