4.x to 7.0 upgrade DMT failing at license validation step during the restore

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4.x to 7.0 upgrade DMT failing at license validation step during the restore

Problem Summary CRS 4.x to Cisco Unified CCX 7.0 upgrade (using Data Migration tool) failing at license validation step during the restore..
Error Message DMT fails during license validation step.
Possible Cause The issue is seen only on the upgrade of a license downgraded CRS 4.x server (ie, license downgrade had happened on a CRS 4.x server before taking the Data Migration Tool(DMT) backup). This is happening because of the issue in CRS 4.x server while updating license filter value during the license downgrade.
Recommended Action

The workaround is to clear the license filter value in DMT backup tar and repackage the tar file. Do the following steps to change/clear the license filter value.

  • Make sure the system has a tar utility to un/repack the DMT backup tar. If not exists, download the tar executable from http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/gtar.htm (For Windows) link.
  • Copy the backup tar file (DMTBackup-xxxxx.tar) to C:\ drive (Make sure that, there exists enough space to copy backup tar file to C:\ drive)
  • Open command line console (cmd) and change the directory to C:\ drive.Ie,
  • start->Run->Type ‘cmd’
  • :\> cd c:\
  • Execute the tar extract command tar –xvf DMTBackup-xxxxx.tar

Ie c:\> tar-xvf DMTBackup-xxxxx.tar If Tar executable (tar.exe) is not on C:\ drive, specify absolute path to the tar executable.

  • This will create a DM-STI folder in c:\drive. Then open the file


  • Clear the contents inside the 4.0(5)LicFilter file and save it.
  • Repack the tar file from the console (cmd) by executing the command,

tar –cvf DMTBackup-xxxxx_MOD.tar DM-STI . Ie c:\> tar –cvf DMTBackup-xxxxx_MOD.tar DM-STI

  • Done. Use the modified backup tar file (DMTBackup-xxxxx_MOD.tar) for the upgrade in DMT.
Release Release 7.0(1)
Associated CDETS # CSCti12982.

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